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  • John Jakubczyk calls for Congress to hold hearings on defunding Planned Parenthood now:

    … [T]he GAO has been asking for Planned Parenthood to provide an audit of the federal funds PP has taken over the last ten years. You see the funds are still missing. The report has not been given to the GAO. Meanwhile Congress should start doing its job.

  • The Culture Vulture takes on the New Zealand abortion industry’s fuzzy math in its assertion that “all of the money that the Abortion Supervisory Committee has spent thus far “defending itself” in the Right To Life court case could have paid for a quarter of a million condoms, and that this would have prevented “scores of unplanned pregnancies and abortions.”
  • Fletcher Armstrong’s examines the response of women versus men to the recent Genocide Awareness Project display on Liberty University’s campus. More women saw the need to educate on the issue of abortion, whereas the men at the Christian liberal arts university felt they were “pro-life enough” – missing the fact that the display was meant to spur them to greater action against the abortion holocaust. The women also seemed to be in less denial about their (and their peers’) involvement with sex, pregnancy and abortion.
  • 40 Days for Life shares a video from a recent celebration rally outside the closed Planned Parenthood in Sherman, TX – featuring testimonial by the former clinic manager, Ramona Trevino (her personal testimony starts around 10:00):


  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life engages the discussion on who counts, who decides and what the criteria is:

    The stakes could not be higher. “Persons” have human rights and are owed the moral respect and forbearance of others. “Nonpersons” live at the mercy of others, and are routinely instrumentalized, manipulated, or even destroyed in the name of the individual or collective interests of those who are indisputably persons. We, as a nation, must get this question of membership right….

    The pro-life movement rejects the notion that there are pre-personal (e.g., embryos and fetuses) or post-personal (e.g., cognitively disabled patients) human beings. Indeed, the pro-life movement sees such competing approaches as inverting our best moral traditions, effectively privileging the claims of the strong over those of the weak.

  • Lisa Graas discusses the discrimination and intolerance against European Christians. A majority of the intolerance deals with conscience laws for medical professionals and pharmacists.
  • Life Training Institute devotes 3 lengthy posts to a civil exchange between Scott Klusendorf/LTI staff and an author who describes himself as an atheist, humanist skeptic. The posts are good tutoring devices for all pro-lifers, here, here and here. The discussion began due to an article Klusendorf wrote for Christian Research Journal.
  • Dr. Gerard Nadal announces that he has accepted a new position as the National Director of Med Students for Life of America, a division of Students for Life of America. We are glad he will continue to blog at Coming Home.
  • Suzanne at Big Blue Wave challenges pro-lifers to take a lesson from Rocky – hunger to win and don’t accept failure as an option.
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