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  • Florida abortionist Michael Benjamin had his medical license suspended indefinitely over the weekend because he failed to report a 12-year-old’s pregnancy. The girl was 6 months pregnant in 2009 when her mother and her mother’s boyfriend – who was later found to be the father of the aborted child – brought the girl to Benjamin for an abortion. The mother’s boyfriend is now spending 15 years in jail. According to LifeNews, Benjamin worked at the National Abortion Federation-affiliated Presidential Women’s Center.

  • In the UK, health commissioners are being attacked for their decision to stop performing abortions at a hospital in South Tyneside.
  • Various Illinois media outlets are reporting the Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion clinic in Rockford will be closed at least “several weeks” but no one is reporting Operation Rescue’s belief that the clinic will be closed for good.A message on the clinic’s web site says they are “temporarily unable to take appointments….”
  • Tyler White of Indiana will serve extra time in jail because when he killed his wife, he also killed his unborn child:Second was the doctor who performed Amy [White]‘s autopsy, Dr. Scott Wagner. While performing the autopsy he said he found a male fetus. It was at approximately 12 weeks gestation. Dr. Wagner believes the baby died due to Amy’s internal bleeding from when Tyler shot her twice. He handed out pictures of the fetus inside and outside of the womb to the jury. NewsChannel 15 has also learned Amy died because she went into shock.

    It took the jury no longer than 15 minutes to deliberate. They said Tyler’s actions caused the death of Amy’s fetus.

    This will add 6-20 years onto his sentence.

White will serve more time for killing his wife’s fetus: wane.com


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