On October 19 Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio hosted its third annual Condom Couture fundraising fashion show.

Pro-lifers led by Mark Harrington and Created Equal thought they would welcome party goers attending the event with signs showing what Planned Parenthood’s notoriously inferior condoms often lead to: abortion.

When off-duty Police Officer Jack Addington, who Planned Parenthood hired for event security, began harassing demonstrators, they called Criminal Information Unit Detective Roger Dickinson for assistance, and that’s when the attack began.

Addington had insisted pro-lifers keep moving in front of the Shadow Box Theater, where the condom fest was being held, which is unconstitutional.

Harrington aptly pointed out that if this was indeed the law, Addington needed to inform the Occupy Columbus demonstrators at the State House only 3/4 of a mile away to “keep moving” and to remove their encampment from the sidewalk.

When Addington became even more adamant, the pro-life protesters indeed kept moving but also called Dickinson, who has been found helpful in resolving similar issues pro-life protesters have encountered in the past.

When Dickinson, who was on duty and carrying a firearm, arrived and tried to reason with Addington, Addington became beligerent and threw him in a prolonged choke hold. You will see from this video that Dickinson remained calm and behaved professionally the entire time, until police reinforcements arrived and Addington finally released him…


Here’s the NBC report, which notes both officers remain on duty during an internal investigation…

Meanwhile, neither the Condom Couture Facebook page nor Planned Parenthood website noted the protest or altercation.

The Facebook page does note, however, that the event can be watched “again & again” on the local Time Warner cable channel. How does smut like this make it to local cable?

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