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  • Parenting Freedom links to two articles about how misdiagnosed miscarriages and ultrasound errors seem to be resulting in the abortion of healthy babies.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic details the unintended consequences of using a sperm donor to achieve parenthood.
  • 40 Days for Life is halfway through this years campaign as has collected stories from across the country of the impact and lives saved through the sidewalk prayer ministry. So far, 229 preborn children are known to have been saved from abortion.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin announces the launch of a billboard campaign, “a collaborative effort between PLW, 40 Days for Life of Green Bay, Personhood USA and Youth Defence, Ireland’s most active pro-life group,” which will promote the message of personhood at all stages of human life.
  • ProWomanProLife shares some polling information which reveals the abortion industry in Canada thrives on public ignorance. The majority of respondents were against taxpayer abortion funding, and almost none of them knew how much was actually being spent on abortion, which is now “the most common surgery in Canada.”
  • Secular ProLife announces an internship opportunity. Interns will devote time to working with Stand True Ministries as well as
  • John Smeaton applauds the courage of Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury for speaking out against the neglect of the elderly in British hospitals.
  • Stand for Life refers readers to Caregiver Village, an encouraging online resource for caregivers.
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