We had complete freedom and were dependent on no one. Most of the women I worked with had impressive graduate degrees, in fields like computer science and electrical engineering.

Yet… almost every single one of the women I worked with during this time is now a housewife who either doesn’t work or only works part time. Nearly all of us left our careers to stay home and raise kids. Why?

It’s for the same reason that so many women of all different backgrounds are drawn to blogs that feature images of a family-centered, faith-filled life:

This is what real living looks like….

Back in my career days, I thought that living life to the fullest meant racking up impressive credentials and being as self-sufficient as possible.

But the universal truth that I stumbled across in my own life, that bursts from the pages of countless mommy blogs by women of faith, is that the meaning of life is to give, to share, and to open yourself to the point that your life becomes inextricably entwined with the lives of others.

~ Jennifer Fulwiler, National Catholic Register, November 7

[Photo via faithandfamilyreviews.com]

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