Exciting weekend ahead. Am at Chicago’s Midway Airport at the moment, waiting to board a plane to Los Angeles. I’ll be speaking today and tomorrow at the International Pro-Life Youth Conference.

Among many other fabulous speakers (although Fr. Pavone’s presence looks doubtful) will be my new Kiwi son-in-law, Andy Moore, talking about the International pro-life scene. Here’s a promo video Andy made, which asks the question, “Are Barack Obama and Cecile Richards pro-life?” Hm, you decide…


I’m pleased to announce that my newest grandchild will also be helping out with the conference. Affectionately known as “BoonyMoore, s/he will be featured in an ultrasound demonstration.

Who’s child is this? Hint: S/he’s half Kiwi. Yes, Andy and daughter Daena are Boony’s demonstrably pro-life parents.

Boony is due July 15, exactly nine months from the day his/her parents married. Like I said, demonstrably pro-life.

I’ll be reporting in when possible.


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