abortion pictures

Pro-life activists with the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform gave new meaning to the term “Black Friday” last week when showing shoppers in White Marsh, Maryland, the dark truth about abortion through abortion victim photos.

Taking advantage of one of the busiest shopping days of the year, the CBR Maryland group displayed graphic abortion pictures at a busy intersection to give consumers rushing to the next best deal pause to reconsider what is really important, particularly during this season commemorating the birth of one very important Person.

abortion victim photos

Reported CBR’s Kurt Linnemann from the scene:

Black Friday brought a totally different response than a previous time we conducted a Face the Truth Tour at the same location.  Of the drivers who reacted to our presence, 70% were positive and only 30% negative. We were pleasantly surprised.

One African-American man did yell out, “I did not need to see this on a holiday!” as he drove by.

We agree the images of the aborted are indeed disgusting and disturbing. Yet should the angst of America be toward those revealing the atrocity of abortion, or toward those committing the hideous crime of killing an innocent human being – a baby?

If someone does not show the truth about abortion, how will we as a people ever be moved to do something about the killing of 1.2 million babies each year, 3,200 a day?

photos of abortion victims

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