[W]hat makes my liberal friends believe a child at 11 years old, or even 16, wouldn’t use the convenience of condom-aisle Plan B as an excuse to use it instead of condoms, or to skip the hassle of seeing a doctor to get birth control pills, even though the drug is explicitly not supposed to be used as routine contraception?

What’s to stop teenage boys from pushing their… girlfriends to forget condoms, since Plan B can take care of everything afterward?

Why wouldn’t sexual abusers of young girls use Plan B to cover up the horror of ongoing abuse, by pushing their victims to buy it, without fear that they’ll tell a doctor, or a parent, since they won’t need to consult either to get it?

And if a teenager suffered a dangerous reaction to Plan B — the side effects listed on the manufacturer’s website include severe allergic reactions and breathing difficulties — who would they alert? The parent or doctor they didn’t tell they were taking the drug in the first place?…

It was the drug manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals, not women’s health groups or clinicians that applied for permission to sell Plan B to children.

… [S]ince when do liberals side with drug companies against the government when it comes to protecting the vulnerable?

~ Joy-Ann Reid, Miami Herald, December 14

[Image via firetown.com]

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