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  • Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler has an op-ed in USA Today on why most Americans agree with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ decision against allowing minors to purchase Plan B over the counter.

  • Suzy B brings the startling report that in India, boys are so favored over girls that some who are not aborted are given sex change operations.

  • Moral Outcry has items of interest regarding the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Some have recently questioned if Komen is continuing to fund Planned Parenthood (it appears so), and whether they also might be funding embryonic stem cell research.

    Komen also stands to benefit from the sale of a pink HCSB version of the Bible (pictured left), a move that has outraged many Christians. Published by B&H, a division of Lifeway Resources (affiliated with the pro-life Southern Baptist Convention), the Bibles will be sold at Wal-Mart.

  • Mommy Life has an interesting observation from an American family living in Germany, where large families – and children in general – are not often seen. Mother Amy Owen writes:

    When citizens are taking pictures of couples with children because it is so rare to see such a sight you know the country has failed. In Europe, if you have three or more children, it is common to be stopped and asked to pose for a picture. Strangers will sometimes even swoop the youngest out of a stroller, holding the baby to pose for the camera as if they might never see such perfection again.

  • Pro-Life Action League spotted a card at in which a woman describes the loneliness she feels regarding her abortion.
  • FRC Blog reports on recent evidence suggesting that fetal cells remain with the mother following birth, protecting her from disease.
  • Right to Life of Michigan has partnered with, a program for communicating the pro-life message to teens online.
  • Secular Pro Life reports that thanks to a freedom of information request comparing billing records to reported statistics, we now know that Ontario, Canada has been underreporting abortion statistics by as much as 10-20%. No doctors, hospitals, or abortion clinics are actually required to report their numbers.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin expresses disappointment with WI Right to Life’s apparent support of a state bill which would ban partial birth abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother, and fetal abnormality.
  • Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights without Frontiers plans to testify with other human rights activists regarding anti-One-Child Policy activist Chen Guangcheng, who has been reported alive but is still being held prisoner in China.
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