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  • John Smeaton reports on hideous UK legislation which suggests the “solution” for pregnant women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS is to kill, rather than treat, their preborn children.

  • Timmerie’s Blog notes that the world’s largest distributor of poinsettias, Paul Ecke Ranch of San Diego, is a large supporter of Planned Parenthood. Timmerie suggests you check the tag to avoid indirectly supporting PP.
  • Wesley J. Smith decries a San Francisco Chronicle article which hypes hope in embryonic stem cell research despite evidence to the contrary, ignoring the success of adult stem cell research. Smith states the general public is generally uninformed on the issue, which does a disservice to suffering people and their families.

  • Secular Pro-Life has a guest post which points out some inconsistencies in pro-choice mantras. One abortion apologist mourned the fact that some women, due to natural disaster, might have missed their abortion appointments, claiming, “My heart breaks for any woman who… will now have to carry to term.”

    This doesn’t line up with the usual fearmongering about women resorting to “coat hanger” abortions if they can’t get them elsewhere.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin details a committee hearing for the WI bill banning telemed abortions.
  • Suzy B reports that another pro-life state – this time, Texas – has been trampled by the Obama administration. In this case, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services denied funds due to the state’s defunding of abortion providers.
  • ProLifeNZ describes the function of the perinatal hospice movement, stating that while abortion is touted as the best way to deal with a terminal prenatal diagnosis, “… there is no scientific evidence to support the presumption that terminating such a pregnancy is easier on the mother psychologically.”

  • ProWomanProLife is happy with a balanced National Post article about Canadian abortion protestor Linda Gibbons (pictured right), who has spent nearly 8 years in jail for violating bubble zone laws. The piece notes the tolerance of the Occupy Toronto protestors’ civil disobedience, contrasting this with the difference in treatment of pro-lifers.
  • Moral Outcry reflects on the national publicity generated by their story on the Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Bible, produced by B&H Publishing, which is now being removed from bookseller shelves:

    This press emergence has done many things. The first and most important thing is that it’s made this little-known fact of the Komen-Planned Parenthood ties a nationally known one. That’s huge because really there is no reason for Komen to give its money to abortion providers, no matter what it says the money is to be used for, when there are so many health clinics and other systems that could use that money and also provide mammograms without taking life in the next room.

    Additionally, Komen continues to ignore the research that shows a link between abortion and increased breast cancer risk. So having this in the national news is a positive thing because it takes this out of the recesses of the back rooms and sets it on a national stage so everyone can examine it.

  • The Passionate Pro-Lifer is not impressed with Planned Parenthood’s newest outreach to our children: distributing sexual health advice via text message. PPL asks:

    A number of questions come to mind…. Will [they] know the age of the child that is seeking [their] sexual advice? [Are they] familiar with the physical, emotional and spiritual risks associated with sexual activity in young teens and even middle school children? Or will [they] be… abortion and sexual activity recruiter[s]?”

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