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  • One of the Planned Parenthood clinics which is closing in Washington provided RU-486 chemical abortions. Herald writer Sharon Salyer gets how RU-486 abortions work completely wrong:

    The Oak Harbor clinic, which operated three days a week, served a little more than 1,000 patients, said Kristen Glundberg-Prossor, a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman.

    While surgical abortions were not performed at the site, women could prevent a pregnancy by getting from the clinic RU 486, the so-called abortion pill.

  • In Australia, a 42-year-old woman died after undergoing an abortion at the same abortion clinic where anesthesiologist James Peters infected dozens of women with hepatitis C. The clinic is run by Marie Stopes International.
  • A UK woman spent the last 3 months of her pregnancy in a tilted hospital bed to reduce the risk of premature delivery:

    Donna Kelly, 29, was told five months into her pregnancy that her baby was just an inch from the top of her cervix and at risk of “falling out.”

    So doctors made her lie in a hospital bed tilted at 45 degrees to reduce the pressure.

  • State Representative Margo Davidson (pictured left), one of the Pennsylvania legislators who voted in favor of new abortion clinic regulations, was related to Semika Shaw, one of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s victims:

    “I honor her memory by voting for this bill,” Davidson told her colleagues Wednesday after the controversial measure was approved. “So women will no longer walk into a licensed health-care facility and be butchered as she was.” …

    Shaw’s death, which led to a $900,000 insurance settlement, was central to the grand jury’s conclusion that state officials had failed to inspect the clinic for two decades and repeatedly ignored complaints of possible criminal activity there.

    Davidson, 49, who grew up in same Mantua neighborhood where Shaw lived and the Gosnell clinic was located, said her young cousin probably sought an abortion because she had two young children and realized that as a single woman, she could not support a third. The grand jury report said Shaw had four previous abortions.

    Little wonder the clinic wasn’t inspected in those days, Davidson reasoned. “The regulations regarding inspection were only policy,” the legislator said. “It was not mandated by the law.”

[Davidson photo via politicspa.com]

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