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  • Suzy B discusses Virginia’s new abortion clinic regulations which will treat them like hospitals. This ultimately makes these facilities safer for women, but while abortion proponents fearmonger about “back alley abortions” they also rail against common sense regulations and accountability to the state board of health.

  • Wesley J. Smith shares more disconcerting information about IVF clinics, many of which are guilty of not fully informing women that their eggs may be used for the purpose of embryonic stem cell research:They have a right to know if some of the embryos made from their eggs, which after all, are their biological progeny, could instead be destroyed for an instrumental purpose, an issue that could be material issue in the decision of some to become donors.
  • Stand for Life reviews their most viewed posts of 2011, one of which discusses the most common reason for abortion, according to Guttmacher: “Having a baby would dramatically change my life.” Those same women were most likely kept in the dark about how abortion could also dramatically change their lives.

  • John Smeaton shares the story of Dr. Imre Taglasy (pictured far left), an abortion survivor and the director of Human Life International in Hungary.
  • Right to Life of Michigan reports on some MI Planned Parenthood clinics which are closing, despite having received Title X funding through 2015.
  • Secular Pro-Life reports that their most widely read post of 2011 was one by former abortion worker Jewels Green, whose article “generated considerable controversy, starting a much-needed discussion about the proper role of civil disobedience in the pro-life movement.”
  • ProLife NZ shares the good news that an increasing number of doctors in New Zealand recognize that abortion is not healthcare and refuse to be involved in the killing of unborn children. Aging abortionists are not being replaced.

  • Real Choice remembers the January 2 anniversaries of four women killed by abortion – two legal and two illegal (not to mention the deaths of their preborn children). One of the butchers, Arnold Bickham (pictured right), has switched professions and now works as a high school principal.
  • ProWomanProLife links to an article from the Globe and Mail on raising larger families in a “two-kid world” that is often hostile to families with three or more children.
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin uncovers more pro-abortion bias in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s reporting of the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ decision to disqualify Planned Parenthood from “participat[ing] in a program that provided women with free cancer screenings” because they don’t actually do mammograms. The MJS uses “clever words and sympathetic reporting” but they can’t dispute the truth.
  • ProLifeBlogs features a post by Love Undefiled featuring video of a college campus debate between Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and Jovan Morales of the Atheist Community of the University of Ottawa on the question of whether or not a doctor should provide or refer for abortion. In the question/answer session portion of the debate, the pro-choice crowd has to be asked to remain “civil” so the debate can be heard. One man in the crowd is heard to shout, “Could we keep the graphic sh** down to a minimum?” in reference to a video which was shown by Gray earlier in the debate. How interesting that those who support abortion can’t stomach seeing abortion:


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