On one hand the cost of birth control is so high some women are forced to choose between sex and starvation…

But, according to President Obama (just for conversational purposes, disregarding the fact his stats are erroneous), despite the fact that contraceptives are unaffordable…

Nearly 99 percent of all women have relied on contraception at some point in their lives – 99 percent.

So women have apparently found a way to have sex and eat at the same time.

On the other hand, the communal cost of contraceptives is zero, according to the White House

Insurance companies will be required to provide contraception coverage to these women free of charge.

Covering contraception saves money for insurance companies by keeping women healthy and preventing spending on other health services.

Maybe less than zero, according to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

[I]n this instance contraception actually saves money in an insurance pool, providing this coverage actually reduces the overall cost of the pool.

So there really is in this instance a no-cost strategy where employers do not have to pay for this coverage… [but] if women had to buy this on their own, it could be $600 a year….

So in actuality, women should see their budgets stretched further when using contraceptives. Spending $600 on BC should net bigger bank accounts.

In fact, this strategy should be incorporated into financial planning. Even if women don’t use contraception they should buy it just to save money.

But birth control pill users might want to earmark that extra cash for the day when this Class I carcinogen does its damage, since it vastly increases the risk of breast, cervical, and liver cancer.

Or they might want to set it aside for their abortion or new crib, depending on how they decide to handle their surprise pregnancy, since more women using contraception than not end up pregnant (yes, that’s right).

Or they might want to buy a little memorial for their babies they kill when on the pill.

(Read more detailed information on these bc pill risks and more in recent articles by Judie Brown and Jenn Giroux.)

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