I met Andrew Smith 12 years ago when he worked at Priests for Life in New York. It wasn’t long before he became one of my bffs.

The pro-life world is a small place. Andrew ended up in Dallas, Texas, where his wife Jacquelyn (who he met at a pro-life conference – she was working a booth next to PFL’s) hails from.

Now Andrew and Jacquelyn are bffs with my daughter Daena and son-in-law Andy. Andrew recently launched the Texas Pro-Life Action Team.

Yesterday Andrew, his team, and Andy protested the Planned Parenthood of North Texas Annual Awards Luncheon in Dallas.

Another of my pro-life bffs, Todd Bullis (of hoser fame), recently relocated from California to Dallas. As I said, the pro-life world is a small place.

Todd filmed the pro-life protest yesterday and asked Andrew to share his thoughts. Todd proceeded to capture Andrew deliver “one of the “most powerful, succinct, off-the-cuff speeches against abortion that I have ever heard,” wrote Andy on Facebook. I agree, and Todd did a great editing job. If this doesn’t get your pro-life activist heart pumping, I don’t know what will…




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