Katha Pollit, in the April issue of The Nation, lays out 6 reasons why giving to [the National Network of Abortion Funds] directly or to a local abortion rights fund is such a powerful act:

1. With a very small investment, you can change a woman’s life forever

2. Your donation helps women in crisis directly and immediately

3. You could be paying forward the safe, legal abortion care that the people in your life — or maybe even yourself — have needed in the past

4. You are literally making choice a reality for someone

5. You are investing in the new young leaders of tomorrow — the activists and volunteers who answer the hotlines, form bowling teams for abortion access, and raise their voices for abortion access

6. You will feel good. With reason!

~ meerkoet, sharing why her fellow pro-choicers should pay for other women’s abortions, Daily Kos, April 10

[Photo via mediamonarchy.blogspot.com]

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