But in Girls, the abortion talk is the comic relief.

The show’s second episode, “Vagina Panic,” is partially set in a Manhattan health clinic. Shoshanna, Marnie, and Hannah have shown up to support their fourth friend, flighty, pregnant Jessa (she’s the Samantha of the group). But Jessa’s too flaky — and too frightened — to go to the clinic herself. She spends the afternoon drinking White Russians and hooking up with a stranger as her friends leave her increasingly angry messages like this: “Uh, hey. You’re pregnant when you don’t want to be. So you might want to come have your abortion now. Thanks.”

Instead of segregating humor from the episode’s central issue, Girls finds humor in that issue itself.

~ Hillary Busis comparing how HBO’s Girls and Sex In the City handled the abortion issue, Entertainment Weekly, April 23

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