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  • Abolitionist Society of OK examines the implications behind the popular pro-choice t-shirt meme, “If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for its rights?” Actually, pro-lifers have already answered that question, which is, “Of course.” The real question is how would pro-choicers respond?
  • Abortion Pill Risks reports on the questions surrounding the first known RU-486 chemical abortion pill death in Australia, which happened two years ago and has just recently made public.
  • Bryan Kemper compares his experiences of participating in both pro-choice and pro-life marches in Belgium last month. He notices stark contrasts among the crowd sizes, ages, and demeanor:

    I wanted to understand and experience what makes each group come out and walk. In one case it is a fear of losing what they think is so important to women and in the other case it is a hope of ending what we know is destroying women and true women’s rights.

  • Mommy Life reprints an American Spectator article that investigates the nearly $1M compensation and fringe benefits of Sister Carol Keehan (pictured left), ally of the pro-abortion Obama Administration and HHS against her own Catholic Church.
  • Coming Home shares HSLDA president Michael Farris’ shocking “I can’t believe this happened in America” story about a family who came face to face with an unreasonable and controlling medical bureaucracy upon the birth of their child.
  • Generations for Life encourages atheists and people of diverse faiths to band together for the cause of life:

    And so I encourage pro-lifers of all faiths to be open to one another in seeing our belief not merely as a Christian movement but a moral one. Though we may disagree with others on our belief in God, having such a diverse pro-life movement can only be an asset to us.

  • Big Blue Wave believes the pro-life movement needs to address the need to be “open to life” (anti-contraception) as part of being pro-life:

    There are lots of people in favour of fetal rights who contracept. They don’t see the connection between sexuality and openness to life. They wouldn’t dream of killing their unborn child, but their lifestyles and their thinking are built on the idea of having children only when they want and under the desired circumstances. If people who support our cause can’t see the problem with that, how do we expect to change the culture?…This is something we have to tackle as a pro-life movement. Not only the morality part of it– but the lifestyle part– how do you convince people to change their lives so that being open to life isn’t some kind of moralistic burden, but actually a source of fulfillment and happiness?

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