The Obama campaign and feminists must be freaking out. It turns out they bet badly that what women want are free abortions and contraceptives. What a blunder. There’s nothing left in the pro-abortion arsenal if American women don’t believe Republicans are out to take away their birth control. The other side has already admitted abortion is no longer a winning issue for them. What else do they have?

A New York Times/CBS poll in March showed Obama’s approval sinking among women, this after they launched their “Republicans are waging a war on women” strategy that was supposed to bulk up their support.

Then yesterday the NYT/CBS poll showed now Romney leading Obama among women 46-44%.

We’re in the midst of the second tectonic shift against liberalism in America since Barack Obama was elected president.

The Tea Party movement generated the first shift in 2010. Women are doing it in 2012.

Today the Susan B. Anthony List released a new web ad entitled, “Womanhood.” The timing couldn’t be better…


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