Those of us on Facebook have heard the stories – or even personally experienced – having status updates and graphics censored. I, myself, am cautious about posting abortion photos on Facebook, because I’ve heard they are a trigger for getting banned. (I still post them, but sparingly, and so far have escaped notice.)

And we’ve also heard or experienced having our videos banned on YouTube, classic examples being some of Live Action’s video exposés on Planned Parenthood.

Now, a new group, World Life Organization (of which I’ve been asked to be a board member) has introduced Prolifebook, a powerful and censor-safe social networking tool for pro-lifers and pro-life groups.

ProLifeBook looks and works like Facebook but is tailored to us. Creator and lead web developer Todd Bullis explained in a press release:

This tool will allow pro-life people and groups to communicate real time the activities they are involved in and promote collaboration amongst groups like never before. This is the first social networking site of its kind that is designed specifically for pro-life activism. We wanted to create a way for pro-life activities and networking to be shared world wide without censorship that often occurs to pro-life groups that try to use other conventional social networking sites.

A classic example of Todd’s latter point is this video, which YouTube promptly deleted but which is now up on PLB, showing workers and construction companies at a Planned Parenthood currently being built in Ft. Worth, Texas. Videos like this are easily shared on PLB…


In addition, groups can form their own pages and list events that are posted on the PLB calendar.

World Life Organization president Don Cooper explained, his new group “is about making the pro-life movement more effective by leveraging today’s technology to promote synergy amongst groups. This is one way to help unify the pro-life movement and increase its influence globally. We are very excited about this new and powerful tool.”

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