The embryonic stem cell research industry received a second big blow last week when in an ABC interview actor and huge embryonic stem cell research proponent Michael J. Fox admitted escr isn’t panning out to be all he and others touted it to be in the fight against his own Parkinson’s disease and other maladies and injuries.

The first blow came six months ago when escr’s original proponent, Geron Corporation, announced it was cutting its losses and pulling out.

Fox admitted to Diane Sawyer:

There have been some issues with [embryonic] stem cells, some problems along the way….

It’s not so much that [stem cell research has] diminished in its prospects for breakthroughs as much as it’s the other avenues of research have grown and multiplied and become as much or more promising. So, an answer may come from stem cell research, but it’s more than likely to come from another area….

Aside from warning against the immorality of dissecting and killing tiny human beings, the pro-life community also warned against those “problems,” which include uncontrolled cell differentiation that leads to tumors.

Finally, reality has bitten Fox. But his next thoughts to Sawyer really got me going:

Fox: I’m glad that I put the effort into promoting it. My quest in that regard was really about research freedom and not shutting down avenues of research because of ideological reasons that were countered by the majority’s opinion of whether it was worthwhile doing. So, hopefully stem cell will result in something. I’m glad we pursued it, and I’m glad we fought for the right to do it, but there’s other areas, too, that we’re pursuing.

Sawyer: So the whole thing is to be able to ask the questions and not have anything foreclosed from asking questions.

Fox: Really, it’s tough when you respect the other side’s opinion and you want to hear it and you sit down and say, “Tell me, tell me what your issues are,” and then you counter with agreement that’s supported by two-thirds of the country, and so there’s gotta be some weight given to that, too.

Really? The fight over escr was really about ”research freedom”? I’m sorry, I don’t recall hearing that rationale at the time. And if so, does that legitimize the wild overpromises made about the merits of escr, such as this, still on the Fox Foundation’s website?

Embryonic stem cells hold promise because of their ability to develop into any of the over 200 body cells as well as to replace cells and tissue destroyed by disease. This has incredible potential for aiding the understanding and treatment of innumerable diseases and even birth defects. Testing of new medications for safety could be performed in labs using lines of embryonic stem cells. Diabetes, heart disease and spinal-cord injuries are just a few of the conditions that potentially could be treated.

Fox was admitting that in reality the liberal mob that coalesced in the mid 2000s to attack President Bush and conservatives’ opposition to taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research had as much to do with attacking our beliefs as anything else.

Fox admitted his own ideological bent by calling us “the other side” and putting his ideology on display by actively campaigning for Democrats like Claire McCaskill. Who can forget this ad?


In reality a greedy industry and immoral Left used Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve and other sick and injured people for their own agendas, the latter of which is to destroy Judeo-Christian ethics in the United States.

Sad to say, Fox was a tool.

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