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  • Parenting Freedom highlights a study which suggests bearing more children increases a woman’s lifespan:

    Compared with women who had no children, those with two had a 17 percent decreased risk of death. For women with three children there was a 20 percent decreased risk, and this pattern largely continued with additional children.

  • Moral Outcry exposes the fact that notorious late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart is a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Board of Directors:

    … [T]his man who is synonymous in our nation with late-term abortion is working hand-in-hand with leaders from the United Methodist, Presbyterian USA and Episcopal churches , as well as the YWCA….

    If you are partnering with these churches, you are partnering with abortion, and you are working with one of the most notable late-term abortion doctors in our land today. This isnít just about money; itís about connection, affiliation and loyalty.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin unveils a new website, (pictured left), which is especially designed for smart phones and could be a great help for sidewalk counselors. The site can help users locate the nearest crisis pregnancy center along with information on fetal development and other resources.
  • Wesley J. Smith lists reasons we should not promote egg freezing and the postponing of motherhood. Smith calls it an “example of the ongoing consumerist imperialism” and believes it is “not the role of medicine to promote equality of the sexes.”
  • Pro-Life NZ challenges the pro-choice mantra that abortion is a matter “between a woman and her doctor.”
  • John Smeaton writes that the British Medical Association is currently debating euthanasia/assisted suicide and whether or not doctors should remain “neutral” on the issue. Smeaton encourages readers to participate in a poll to show opposition.
  • National Pro-Life Radio reports that the same Indian abortionists who were recently found to have fed fetal remains from illegal abortions to their dogs have been charged with homicide “in the death of a 30-year-old woman undergoing a sex-selective abortion.”
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