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  • Live Action begins a four-part series chronicling the Medicaid fraud lawsuit brought against Planned Parenthood of the Heartland by former longtime clinic director Sue Thayer. Thayer was let go after voicing reservations about telemed abortions:

    Charges filed include forcing patients to receive “C-mail” (birth control by mail at their homes and dormitories), prescribing drugs without physician involvement, failure to provide follow-up exams after a patient had been on birth control for at least a year, and falsifying documents in order to get taxpayer monies through various state and federal agencies.

  • Big Blue Wave has a post and chart showing the membership decline of liberal churches – and the increase in membership of conservative/pro-life churches.

  • Americans United for Life prints Anna Franzonello’s response to a Daily Beast puff piece on Mississippi “abortion queen” Diane Derzis (pictured left), in which she is lauded for bringing a “warm happy feeling” to her abortion clinic. Totally ignored is the fact that her clinic risks the safety of women by not complying with the law:

    The… profile is a classic case of the media’s irresponsible abortion distortion. No other industry, let alone medical office, would be given a free pass to violate a health and safety standard because of “ambience.” There would never be a campaign to defend a dentist failing to comply with a safety regulation because of her top-notch waiting-room reading material.

    And the Daily Beast would (hopefully) not publish an article centered on a theme such as “Who cares that the restaurant is endangering customers by serving expired meat? The lighting in the dining room is exceptional!”

  • FRC Blog links to Kathryn Jean Lopez’s interview with Wheaton College president Philip Ryken about joining in the HHS Mandate lawsuit despite stating he has been “only moderately engaged in political issues” until now.
  • Abolitionist Society of OK shares recent Facebook interactions with an atheist, pro-abortion group known as “Bringers of Light.” In the discussion, the Abolitionists intend to “show the emptiness of pro-abortion argumentation.”
  • Judie Brown of American Life League denounces Catholic groups, such as Catholic Relief Services, which disobey Church authority by helping to fund contraception in third world countries.

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