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  • Here’s a classic B-word slip in a Slate article discussing how the placenta works, entitled, “Your fetus is an alien”:

    [NYU’s Adrian] Erlebacher’s not the only one studying this stuff. [Harvey] Kliman, the Yale researcher, also investigated human placentas, and his findings suggest an entirely different mechanism in play. Kliman suspects that a specific protein in pregnant women, called PP13, acts as a decoy of sorts to trick the mom’s immune system to stay away from the baby.

  • A Michigan Senate committee has passed a bill to regulate abortion clinics in the state. Northland Family Planning Center executive director Renee Chelian (pictured left) classed up the place by calling the committee chairman a liar:

    Jones asked how late into pregnancy Chilean’s clinics performed abortions, and when he disagreed with her answer, citing an unnamed witness he had spoken with, he warned her of committing perjury with witnesses in the room.

    “You, sir, are a liar,” Chelian replied, audibly shocked by his response. “You (should) have picked up the phone and called me, instead of relying on some right-to-life flunky with an agenda.”

  • The New York Times editorial board seems dismayed the Arizona fetal-pain bill case may not be going their way. Commenting on the “state-by-state assault on women’s rights and the Constitution by Republicans,” editors write:

    Since this is settled law, upheld by the Supreme Court in subsequent cases, Judge Teilborg should not find it hard to make the right call. But the plaintiffs could not have been encouraged by his line of questioning on Wednesday morning. He began by asking [Center for Reproductive Rightsattorney] Ms. Crepps irrelevant questions about which abortion procedures might be involved and the relative frequency of each.

    Then he lectured her for what he suggested, wrongly, was a lack of compassion for the unborn. He said he had read the plaintiffs’ affidavits and had found that they “reflect profound compassion and concern for their patients, the women, and presumably the fathers.” However, he added, “I didn’t find anywhere in those affidavits any expression of concern by the plaintiffs’ positions for the unborn child — or even a hint of concern on their part.

    “Given that silence on that part,” the judge said, “and given the silence in your own presentation, doesn’t that underscore the legitimacy of the state’s regulatory action out of concern for the unborn child?”

  • Another day, another lame Obama attack on Mitt Romney’s position on abortion (they really couldn’t find a better actor?). The most irritating thing to me is how the Obama campaign team seems to think that all women are scared of pro-life laws:


[Photo via Fletcher Armstrong]

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