Pro-lifers compare the pro-abortion view of preborn children as nonpersons to the pro-slavery view of blacks as nonpersons (well, 3/5).

We also call the modern genocide of preborn children a “holocaust,” comparing it to Hitler’s mass extermination of the Jews.

Understandably, the other side doesn’t like those comparisons.

But now comes word that the planned International Pro-Life Memorial & National Life Center in Wichita, Kansas, will include a Wailing Wall, “an exact replica of the Western Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,” according to the website.

There will be 60 crosses in front of the wall to represent one million children killed by abortion each. “This will be a pace of repentance, mediation, and healing,” add planners.

I’m not sure this memorial will ever be built, or that Wichita is the right place for such a memorial, but nevertheless, is adding a Wailing Wall going too far? Is it right to co-opt a sacred Jewish site? The Anti-Defamation League writes:

“Over the years we have seen a number of anti-abortion groups compare abortion to the Holocaust, but this takes the misuse of Jewish symbolism and history to another level,” Abraham Foxman, ADL’s national director, said in a statement issued Monday. “The Western Wall, this monumental symbol of Jewish grief and redemption is being co-opted and distorted to promote an anti-abortion agenda and message. Members of the pro-life movement are entitled to their opinions, but we wish they would not express them at the expense of Judaism’s holiest site and the Holocaust.”

What do you think?

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