I hope by now you’ve seen the ad on the right side of my home page linking to the Commit to Vote website.

This is really exciting. Explains CitizenLink.com:

Six organizations are working together to make a difference in the November election — and they’re doing it by reaching out to their own constituents, in the largest collaborative effort in the history of the pro-family movement.

Commit2Vote2012 is a joint project between Focus on the Family, Americans United for Life, the Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund, National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, Family Research Council and the American Principles Project. The groups are examining their mailing lists to identify all the people connected with the organizations who are not registered to vote.

“We’ve found, over time, that people receive our information, but they don’t necessarily go to vote or are not politically active,” said Catherine O. Snow, the project’s campaign manager. “So we thought, ‘Why not try to reach within and galvanize our own base?’ ”

The combined list was sent to a vendor, which eliminated duplications and incorrect addresses, then checked it against national voting rolls. The result was a list of just over five million unregistered voters nationwide.

The next step is to let those people know, through an Aug. 1 mailing, when the registration deadlines are in their districts so as many as possible will go to the polls to vote their values in November. They will also receive blank voter registration forms. Those also can be downloaded at www.commit2vote2012.com.

“We find people get busy, they forget to register, and then they can’t vote even if they want to,” said Snow. “So, it’s critical to remind people at every possible point to do that.”

“This project is fantastic. It’s one of a kind,” said Susan B. Anthony List Executive Vice President Emily Buchanan. “This is one (election) nobody can sit out.

“What we have seen in many elections in the past is that they can be won or lost by less than a thousand votes,” she added, noting that the 2000 presidential race came down to 537 votes in Florida. “It can make a huge impact on the results of this election and the number of lives we’re able to save from the policies stemming from a new administration and a new Congress. Some people think, ‘My vote doesn’t really count’ – but it does.”

Hey, are YOU registered to vote? If not, do it NOW!

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