I’ve gone from never participating in a pro-life bus tour to traveling with two tours for a total of three weeks over a span of six weeks, oy!

I’ve also gone from not understanding the concept of bus tours to thinking it’s pretty ingenious. Bus tours not only attract local support and thanks, they also attract “earned” or free media and thereby increase public wareness, making the tours well worth the financial and time investment.

The first tour I traveled with was the Susan B. Anthony List “Women Speak Out: Abortion Is NOT Health Care” a few weeks back.

Today I begin the weeklong Students for Life of America “I Vote Pro-Life Campus Tour.”

Students for Life will be encouraging college students to sign its I Vote Pro-Life First pledge. It will also register students to vote.

My part in the tour is to highlight the importance of electing pro-life public officials to state and national governments by telling my story, which loops in former state Senator Barack Obama, who kept the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act from being enacted into law during his tenure.

Also on the tour will be Erik Whittington of Rock for Life, and his band.

(I asked SFLA’s ED Kristan Hawkins if her bus was going to look anything like the Partridge Family’s, and she said she didn’t know what I was talking about. Am I that old? Whatever, I feel like I’ll be playing the role of Shirley Jones!)

The SFLA Campus tour will cover nine college campuses in four states:

Monday, September 17:
University of Michigan, MI
Michigan State University, MI

Tuesday, September 18:
Purdue University, IN

Wednesday, September 19:
Ball State University, IN
University of Cincinnati, OH

Thursday, September 20:
Ohio State University, OH
University of Akron, OH

Friday, September 21:
Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH
Clarion University, PA

SFLA’s goal is to recruit 1,200+ Get Out The Vote pro-life youth and educate 300,000+ voter households before Election Day. I’m happy and honored to help.

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