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Astronaut and American hero Neil Armstrong passed away August 25 at the age of 82.

Andy Moore of made an interesting point in the above graphic, adding in a Facebook post:

If while on the Moon Neil Armstrong were forcibly removed from the life-support system: his space suit, he would not have been “viable.” This would not make it right to forcibly remove him from his space suit. Can we please just accept that the “viability” argument is childish and completely irrelevant to the acceptability of abortion?

Whenever Armstrong left earth he became nonviable, according to the working definition used by abortion proponents. Whether he was in a spaceship or spacesuit, Armstrong was dependent on the cocoon surrounding him for survival. In fact, whenever any of us fly, we are nonviable. The plane becomes our womb.

Weekend questions: Is this comparison fair? And is it okay for pro-lifers to use the occasion of Armstrong’s death to make the comparison?

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