Wow. The Susan B. Anthony List has just announced that its ad calling out Barack Obama for his opposition as state senator to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act will air tonight during the time frame of his acceptance speech for renomination as president at the Democratic National Convention.

The ad, featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, will run on all major networks in the Charlotte, North Carolina, media market, where the convention is being held, at a cost of $42,000.

Here, again, is that ad…


SBA List points out in its press release that Obama’s radical support of infanticide in the event a baby survives his or her abortion is just the tip of the ice berg as far as his and the Democrat Party’s extreme positions on abortion go.

Both also oppose bans on sex-selective abortions and abortions after the point the preborn baby can feel pain.

Both support the barbaric partial birth abortion procedure.

Both support taxpayer funded abortion.

All of these are radical positions mainstream Americans find repulsive. The Charlotte Lozier Institute found that 77% of Americans (80% of women) support banning sex-selective abortion. National Right to Life found 63% of Americans support a ban on late-term abortion past the point at which unborn children feel pain.

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