Pregnancy care centers give legs to the pro-life movement, walking the walk.

When abortion proponents accuse us, as they inevitably do, of not caring for children after they are born, we can point to the 4,000 pregnancy care centers across the United States (compared to less than 1,000 abortion clinics).

Pregnancy care centers need all the help we can give them. Here are some new ways to provide them with important tools…


To date at least 580 babies are known to have been saved from abortion thanks to the acclaimed pro-life movie, Bella.

Now Movie to Movement is making a special offer to help  get this life-saver into every pregnancy care center. For $10, you will get a dvd for yourself, and another copy will be sent FREE to a pcc. Check out details here.

Eggsploitation and Anonymous Fathers Day

The Center for Bioethics and Culture is making the same offer.

Order a copy of either Eggsploitation and/or Anonymous Father’s Day for yourself for $10 each, and CBC will send a copy FREE to your local pcc, church, or library.


All three of these movies have won major film festival awards and are excellent.

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

You don’t have to google long to see that the abortion lobby wants nothing more than to crush information that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, accusing pregnancy care centers in particular of making this “false claim.”

Now the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer has prepared two powerpoint presentations specifically for pccs:

What NARAL and Planned Parenthood Don’t Tell Women:
Biological Reasons for the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Click here to download and view presentation I
Click here to download the related worksheet for presentation I

Why the U.S. National Cancer Institute Isn’t Reliable:
The Tobacco Analogy

Click here to download and view presentation II
Click here to download the related worksheet for presentation II

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