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  • Pro-Life Action League links to President Obama’s new campaign ad in which he claims to be a defender of religious liberty. With the next wave of nationwide Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies coming on October 20, surely he realizes how vulnerable he is on this issue due to his HHS contraceptive mandate. Just after 2:00 in the video, he says he stands “on the side of human dignity and a belief in the inherent worth of all human beings,” yet only applies these statements to “education, poverty, and immigration”:


  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers quotes Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute, who disputes the claim that forced abortions in China has ended:

    The Chinese Party-State has asserted for over three decades that the one-child policy is ‘entirely voluntary.’ But this assertion of ‘voluntarism’ is no more true now than it was when I saw women who were five, seven, and even nine months pregnant held down on the operating table and aborted. Women continue to be arrested, aborted, and sterilized against their will at this very moment.

    WRWF states that “the claim that China has ended its cruel and inhuman practice of forced abortions originates with All Girls Allowed, which reached this conclusion after learning that a Chinese government ‘document [was issued] to Family Planning offices that bans forced abortion and sterilization.'” (AGA has since backtracked a bit from this conclusion.)

  • John Smeaton discusses an astonishing position adopted by the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights. Under the guise of a report on “technical guidance promoting maternal health,” Navanethem Pillay (pictured right) “seek[s] to make effective opposition to abortion provision unlawful on the part of parents; and to criminalize health professionals, administrators and non-governmental organizations who seek to oppose abortion provision – including abortion provision to children under the age of consent.”

    In other words, she wants to make it illegal to speak against abortioneven to your own minor child.

  • Michael New has two articles at National Review. The first discusses a new study showing childbirth to be safer than abortion, and the second shows how the overturning of Roe v. Wade would not affect abortion restrictions in as many states as is currently claimed by abortion advocates.

  • Mommy Life shows how some Hollywood actors and actresses are supporting Obama for re-election by promoting a “pledge” to work and vote for his campaign. Actress Jessica Alba (pictured left, with her hand over her heart) likens this pledge to the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag (as does the campaign slogan itself, “For All.”) Between this and the new Obama American flag being sold on the Obama-Biden campaign website, things are getting creepy.
  • Real Choice remembers Holly Patterson (died 9-17-2003) and Clara Matthews (died 9-17-1893), who both died from septicemia after abortion – 110 years apart to the day. How did the legalization of abortion make it safer for Holly than it was for Clara?
  • Moral Outcry juxtaposes NYC’s concern that Big Gulps will be the death of us all with the apathy about African-American abortion deaths (60% of all conceived) in the city.
  • ProLife NZ says that in Belgium, where capital punishment was outlawed in 1996, some prisoners who are ill are requesting assisted suicide. One was recently euthanized at his request.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic says the pro-life movement isn’t focusing enough on the role doctors play in the abortion debate:

    So much of our time and energy is focused on Planned Parenthood and “abortuaries” and we forget that it’s often legitimate doctors and health care facilities that refer for abortions and commit them themselves. In fact, before abortion was legal, it is my understanding that this is where many, if not most, of the illegal abortions were committed. Not in “back alleys” by untrained hacks, but in hospitals by doctors who would then “doctor” the paperwork when describing the “treatment” they were providing.

[Pillay photo via; Alba photo via The Examiner]

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