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  • The Center for Reproductive Rights is struggling to deal with all the pro-life legislation on the state level, so they’ve enlisted the help of some pro-abortion celebrities because no one argues better than an actor reading lines someone else wrote for them.
  • Go and read David Lawson’s piece in The Independent on abortion politics in the UK. A taste:

    Among [Maria] Miller’s responsibilities in Cabinet are “women” (that’s what it says), so her interjection has been seen as monstrously inappropriate; and her accompanying it with the remark that she herself is “a feminist” is seen as bizarre beyond belief.

    The Guardian’s Women’s Blog Editor described her position as “astonishing”, while in the same paper Tanya Gold levelled the most damning charge of all: “I suspect that Miller is pro-life.” Good heavens, let’s send round the thought police immediately.

  • In other UK abortion-related news, singer Lily Allen (pictured left), who is pregnant, is apparently incapable of making an argument. She seems to believe that men shouldn’t be allowed to share their positions on abortion because some men leave women during pregnancy or after a child is born:

    She began a lengthy series of Twitter posts with: “Can small minded idiot blokes stop telling women whether or not they’re entitled to abortions please? #enoughnow.”

    This was followed up by her tweeting: “The day the number of single father households equal the number of single mother households is the day I start to listen to their views.”

  • A CA woman has given birth to quintuplets after being advised to abort one or more of her children:

    Meryl Ferraro, 39, and her husband, John, last week welcomed the arrival of their quintuplets, whom they have collectively nicknamed GRACE, for their first name initials: Gabrielle, Riley (a boy), Addison (a girl), Cooper, and Emerson (a girl)….

    “After reading all the information, we were horrified,” the Ferraros’ background page reads. “We decided it was not our place to choose which of our babies would live and which one would die. If God was giving us 5 babies, there was a reason. We made a decision to see them as a precious blessing from God above and not as burdens we needed to eliminate.”

  • Read more about the Ferraros on their blog.

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