There are a few pro-lifers who think that because Mitt Romney is an untested convert to our side – making what I think are erroneous charges he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – and because he holds a rape/incest exception, there’s no sense in voting for him. They say they will sit on their vote when it comes to the president.

Playing devil’s advocate, what if Romney were to moderate his position once elected president – not cave to the other side necessarily, but not do so much to advance the pro-life cause?

Romney has promised to reinstate the Mexico City policy (ban federal funding from going to overseas abortion groups), defund Planned Parenthood (if such a bill reaches his desk), and appoint strict constitutionalist judges.

That would be a lot, but what if Romney weren’t to do much more than fulfill those promises? What advances, if any, might pro-lifers nevertheless see with a simple change from the Obama presidency to the Romney presidency? What if it were Obama, for instance, who nominated our next 2-3 Supreme Court justices? Etc.

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