We’ve discussed before that the liberal culture is attempting to destigmatize abortion by making jokes about it.

Already, apparently, we are to the point where if we “anti-choice nutjobs” don’t laugh along with the joke we have “terrible senses of humor.”

Earlier this year comedienne Chelsea Handler told Rosie O’Donnell about her coerced abortion at age 16 by parents with the same attitude as Barack Obama, not wanting their daughter to be punished with their grandchild:

(“And, of course, I have no regret at all.” Why “of course”?)

Flash forward and Handler, now age 37, has never married and has living no children.

When Handler appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show on October 31, she gave more detail. Her baby would have been 20 years old now and was half black. She reiterated, as she did on the Rosie show, that the abortion was best for her, but she suddenly began laughing, inexplicable even to her. WARNING: crude…

As an aside, I notice Handler knew exactly how old her child would be.

At any rate, Jezebel (WARNING: more crudeness) took issue with the fact some people (assumed to be pro-lifers, although that fact isn’t known – meaning if you’re pro-abortion you’d better think abortion is funny or consider yourself uncool) didn’t think the topic of abortion was very humorous:

In response, anti-choice social media users demonstrated their endless capacity to flip the f*** out.

Guys, can we talk? We feminists totes had the market cornered on dour humorlessness until all these screechy anti-abortion rights people started copping our steez. Can you be cooler or something?

So the question is, why does the other side want so much for abortion to be a cavalier thing?

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