A tragic story about a terrible man from thebraiser.com, October 18:

Yesterday, Joshua Woodward (pictured right),  a former New York City restaurateur and partner of chef Govind Armstrong, was arraigned on charges of attempted murder after he secretly administered an abortion drug to his pregnant girlfriend, who soon miscarried their 13-week-old fetus.

Woodward, who opened Table 8 in the East Village with Armstrong back in 2008, pled not guilty, though he has a really bad case against him. As the NYDN recaps the 2009 case:

“The devastated lover told police Woodward didn’t want the baby from the moment he learned of the pregnancy and immediately asked her to get an abortion.

He became clearly upset when she told him she wanted to keep the baby, leading to a “bitter” breakup, the affidavit states.

Woodward eventually claimed he wanted to be involved, the girlfriend told police, and the pair resumed an intimate relationship.

But on multiple occasions, Woodward dipped his hand into his backpack before touching her sexually, the police affidavit states. Hours after an encounter on Oct. 18, the girlfriend felt severe cramping and miscarried the fetus, according to the affidavit.

After she noticed a “powdery white substance” in her underwear, she contacted the police, who later determined it was misoprostol, an early-stage abortion drug. It happened to be the same drug that Woodward was found carrying on him (and rubbing on the crotch of his pants) when he was subsequently arrested in a sting operation.

Table 8 closed soon after Woodward’s arrest, and Armstrong’s publicist says that they are no longer partners.

So the question is, if a preborn baby has no right to life, how can a man be charged with attempted murder after committing a wrongful abortion?

[HT: reader Frances]

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