Left-liberalism seeks to present the Irish position on abortion as obscurantist for reasons relating to blind obedience to the Catholic Church. But this fails fundamentally to understand either religion or abhorrence of abortion. Catholics are people who understand reality in a particular way, not people who have been given a list of things they must believe in.

The Catholic position on abortion arises from a moral perspective centred on the dignity of the human person. Catholicism is the expression of this perspective, not its motivation. A majority of Irish people continues to hold to a principled opposition to abortion, and would almost certainly do so even if the Catholic Church withdrew its objections, which is unlikely….

As elsewhere, Irish liberals mostly claim not to seek to introduce into Ireland abortion on demand. Instead, they have hidden behind “hard cases” to whip up public sympathy and confound the general opposition in Irish society to the kind of abortion regime that exists in the neighbouring island. Close to 5,000 Irish women are said to travel to the UK every year to procure abortions there, and this is advanced as an argument that Irishwomen’s rights are being infringed in their own country….

There is no possibility of reconciling [the pro-life] position with the left-liberal worldview, in Ireland any more than anywhere else – not because one is obscurantist and the other enlightened, but because Catholicism and left-liberalism see the human condition in two utterly divergent ways.

One sees man as flawed, fragile but redeemable, the other sees a species perfectible by its own endeavors, for which all things are possible through the imposition of individual “rights.”

~ John Waters, ilsussidiario.net, November 19

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