I spoke and corresponded by email with Maryland Medical Examiner spokesperson Bruce Goldfarb on February 22 and 23 to get clarification on puzzling statements ascribed to him by two news organizations last week regarding the February 7 death of Jennifer Morbelli, a patient of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart

World Magazine, February 21:

The examiners’ office found Morbelli suffered from an “amniotic fluid embolism following a medical termination of pregnancy”….

That, in turn, led to a “disseminated intravascular coagulation”….

Goldfarb added that “fetal abnormalities” were responsible for the amniotic fluid embolism.

Washington Post, February 20:

The medical examiner listed three “causes of death.” One was “amniotic fluid embolism following a medical termination of pregnancy,” the complication involving amniotic fluid in the woman’s blood. Another was “disseminated intravascular coagulation,” a complication in which the body starts producing thousands of tiny blood clots, which have the counterintuitive effect of hampering the body’s ability to clot blood elsewhere. A third was “fetal abnormalities.”

… Bruce Goldfarb, a spokesman for the office… declined to comment on the case Wednesday other than releasing the cause and manner of death, which are considered public record.

As I explained last week, the cause of amniotic fluid embolism leakage has nothing to do with whether a preborn baby has health issues. Such a false assertion only plays into the hands of abortion proponents.

So I was relieved when Goldfarb told me he never made such a statement to the press. “I didn’t say that,” he said.

These news organizations should retract such a critically false claim. It will unnecessarily frighten pregnant mothers.

Commenter Cranky Catholic posted a YouTube video link on AFEs that I found quite helpful…


[Thanks to Sheila for help with article]

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