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Backdrop via The Nation, a liberal news outlet, February 6:

On Monday night, NBC News revealed that leaked 16-page memo outlining (at last) the administration’s rules for drone strikes against US citizens abroad. Ever since, the chorus of criticism – mainly from progressives and media outlets long accused by conservatives of being “in the tank” for Obama – has grown to a deafening level….

Tom Junod at the Esquire site wrote an angry piece titled “All the King’s Drones.” He closes with two questions: Do “informed, high-level officials” have the power to kill their own citizens? Are “informed, high-level officials” acting in the interests of the state “ever liable to the accusation that they have committed murder?”…

And the Times in an editorial today observes that while the Obama drone kill policy outlined in the memo was not exactly a surprise “it was disturbing to see the twisted logic of the administration’s lawyers laid out in black and white….”

News that President Obama has authorized the killing of U.S. citizens without a trial comes as no surprise to pro-lifers, as I tweeted to Kirsten Powers this morning:

Pro-lifers have always maintained that those condoning the murder of innocent preborn babies are obviously more likely to disrespect the lives of inconvenient humans at other stages of life.

So now liberals are alarmed, but only because they suddenly see the personal danger. Who’s to decide which U.S. citizens are a menace to society?

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In reality it is pro-lifers who should worry, since some of us have been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Terrorist Watch List.

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