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  • Delaware Online is covering Delaware Right to Life’s call for an investigation into a Delaware Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where 3 patients have been taken away by ambulance in the last month. The article also mentions the assault on Rae Stabosz:

    Delaware Right to Life officials are calling for an investigation and eventual closing of the Planned Parenthood operation on Shipley Street, saying members of their group have witnessed three patients being taken by ambulance from the clinic in just over a month’s time.

    A fourth woman, who had returned to the clinic after complications from an abortion five days earlier, was accompanied to the emergency room by an anti-abortion sidewalk counselor, said Nicole Collins, president of Delaware Right to Life. That counselor told group officials that part of the fetus had been left inside the woman’s uterus, Collins said.

  • In Philadelphia, Stu Bykofsky writes about the Gosnell trial:

    A full day of testimony by anesthesiologist Andrew Herlich, an expert witness, revolved around [Karnamaya] Mongar, who was not present in court Thursday, the trial’s fourth day.

    She was not present because she died in 2009 within 24 hours of an abortion in Gosnell’s “house of horrors,” a/k/a Women’s Medical Center in West Philadelphia.

    That the woman, who was 41, is dead is indisputable, allegedly Gosnell’s sole adult victim. Amid the stomach-turning accusations of snipping babies’ necks and spines in and out of the womb, and collecting their feet like monarch butterflies, the death of the tiny immigrant from Bhutan is almost lost in the shuffle. But not quite.


  • John Sexton wonders aloud about the national media’s decision to largely avoid covering the Kermit Gosnell trial:

    I could not agree more with your observations about the media’s interest in Kermit Gosnell.

    Imagine for a moment that the man on trial had killed an abortion provider. Somehow I think the major media would find time to mention his trial. But a man who is arguably the worst serial killer in U.S. history, who operated a clinic that is straight out a horror film with freezers full of body parts, a man who actually groomed his subordinates to kill, a man who smiled after he was arrested and believed he would be cleared to return to his important work–amazingly that’s of no interest.

    And it’s not just the media that’s taking a pass. President Obama has made a habit of offering words of comfort when tragedy occurs, especially tragedy that involves children. He traveled to Tucson and spoke movingly of the 9 year old girl who was killed by Jared Loughner. He had great compassion for the young victims of Adam Lanza and promised to work to change the laws that, he claimed, allowed those killings to take place.

    So where is Obama on the 7 infants killed in Philly (really it’s many, many times that number)? Why are there no teachable moments this time? Why no national dialogue about the grim reality of late term abortion?

  • At MTV’s web site, rapper Mack Maine discusses his new video for the song, “Celebrate,” a collaboration with Lil’ Wayne and Talib Kweli. Maine mentions one lyric which discusses how he was almost aborted:

    “My mom was about to abort me. She was about to have an abortion. She was lying on the table and she changed her life at that moment,” Mack said open and honestly.

    Moments before the procedure, the rapper’s mother had a routine consult and immediately changed her mind, choosing to give birth to her son. “She changed her life that day, she got saved and became a Christian,” he said.


[Obama photo via Breitbart]

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