DecisionslogoGuest post by Susie Allen, Pro-Life in TN

Statistics tell us that 50-55% of teens experiencing unplanned pregnancies choose single parenting, 30-35% choose abortion, and less than 1% choose to place their children for adoption.

These statistics are disturbing. What if we could reverse the statistics of abortion and adoption? With two million couples waiting to adopt, why doesn’t adoption seem to be an option on the radar screen of parents experiencing unplanned pregnancies?

One reason appears to be that even in well-written articles, adoption is framed in outdated and negative language. Even some professionals who deal with teens have an inaccurate view of adoption, perpetuated by made-for-TV movies showing adoption as it was in the 1970’s. Today, options aren’t so limited, with open, semi-open, and confidential adoptions.

The nonprofit educational outreach, Decisions, Choices and Options was founded by Tennessee teacher and mother Joi Wasill, with the goal of correcting inaccuracies surrounding adoption. The group offers a copyrighted curriculum now being presented in eight states by 52 trained agencies. Since its inception, this program has reached 55,000 high school students.

From the group’s website, some ideas of correct adoption language (click to enlarge):


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