b0c6928b2bf6241aa30663b22a97d11dDuring the Nazi holocaust, Josef Mengele used concentration camp prisoners, including young children, as test subjects for a catalogue of demented medical experiments.  Documents uncovered by Allied forces revealed that, before they were killed, Mengele’s victims were subjected to pain on a scale that can only be described as unimaginable.

After the war, Mengele became known as the “The Angel of Death” and international prosecutors wanted to put him on trial.  But he had fled Germany and could not be found.  Then, in 1985, a body was exhumed from a South American grave that DNA evidence confirmed to be his.  After eluding capture for 34 years, Josef Mengele had died at the age of 68 having never been tried for his crimes.     

But in a Philadelphia courtroom, we are being given a glimpse of what Mengele’s trial might have looked like.  It is the criminal prosecution of abortionist, Kermit Gosnell….

[I]t is interesting to note how Josef Mengele made his living during the 34 years he was hiding from justice.  He was an abortionist.

~ Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics on his blog, May 3

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