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  • “I wanted to throw up when I saw it.” That’s how one high school student describes finding images of abortion in a high school bathroom in Texas.
  • A pro-life protest featuring Abby Johnson and a pro-abortion counter protest in New Orleans received some local media coverage. Planned Parenthood is planning on building a large 7,000 sq. ft. abortion clinic on an empty lot.
  • At National Review, Michael J. New says NARAL is utterly stunned that the activities of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List are – gasp! – pro-life!

    According to [NARAL’s] report, Susan B. Anthony List 1) raises money for pro-life candidates, 2) supports pro-life laws, 3) hires pro-life people, and 4) receives grants from conservative foundations. Last spring the group even went so far as to hire a lobbyist to lobby against Planned Parenthood funding. Shocking!


  • The wife of Michigan judge Wade McCree (both pictured left) testified about their plan to get the judge’s mistress to have an abortion:

    Earlier Tuesday, the judge’s wife, LaVerne McCree, testified that her husband told her about the affair and also informed her that [Geniene La’Shay] Mott said she was pregnant. She said she and her husband hatched a plan to get Mott to terminate a pregnancy she really wasn’t convinced existed.

    LaVerne McCree, who has been married to the judge for 25 years, said her husband filed for divorce to appease Mott, who was threatening to go public with their affair. LaVerne McCree said her husband told her that Mott was refusing to terminate the pregnancy unless he filed for divorce.

    There were also concerns, she said, that if Mott did not have abortion, the judge could be liable for child support and the child could have a claim on the inheritance his mother left him. Wade McCree withdrew his divorce petition a few weeks later.

  • Nebraska’s attorney general has filed disciplinary charges against one of abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s nurses:

    The petition accuses Lindsey Creekmore, the sole registered nurse employed at the clinic since April 30, 2011, of administering incorrect intravenous dosages of sedatives and a labor-inducing drug to 11 patients between January 2011 and March 2012.

    The charges filed against Creekmore do not indicate whether any of the patients were injured or hospitalized as a result of the incorrect dosages. The complaint also alleges that the clinic did not routinely staff its recovery room with licensed medical staff, in violation of a rule that prohibits a registered nurse from delegating complex nursing care to unlicensed staff.

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