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  • John Londregan on the “birther” myth:

    It is past time we abandoned the “birther” myth that we are transformed magically through the process of birth from being tumorous growths within our mothers into fully human infants. The uncivilized confusion on the part of abortion advocates about whether newborns are fetuses or infants highlights the artificial nature of making birth the definition of humanity.

  • A 25-year-old woman in India is accusing two nurses of “forcibly aborting her baby”:

    The incident came to light when the patient’s family members apprised senior CHC authorities of the incident….Patient’s family members also claimed that no pathological tests were conducted to identify the problem. The nurses even refused to look into pre-natal reports. Instead of undertaking a medical examination, the two nurses told family members that the patient had developed medical complication and it would prudent to abort the pregnancy.

elaine rose

  • Washington abortion advocates are up in arms because at one time, two insurance plans considered not covering abortion. They both do, yet because they initially proposed not to cover it, abortion advocates claim insurance companies must be required to cover abortion:

    The proposals set off frustration among advocates who have been pressing for a new state law to secure abortion coverage for all Washington health plans. Elaine Rose [pictured left], the CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, said it is evidence of the need for lawmakers to make it clear that abortion should be covered.

“What’s going to happen next year, or the year after that or the year after that?” Rose said. “Are we going to constantly be at the whims of insurance carriers changing their minds?”

[Photo via PP Votes Northwest]

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