bomb_1There are some brave, noble souls fighting the good fight, hoping against hope that the current situation can be salvaged, but it cannot.

It is unreasonable and naive to conclude that in the West all of a sudden there is going to be this great pro-life, anti-same sex marriage, anti-contraception movement. In short, an anti-selfish movement. After multiple generations have been fed on a non-stop diet of self-satisfaction as the highest ideal – read it – Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

Because the culture is immoral, the economy will reflect that. Decades of contraception, decades of abortion, have lit the fuse to a demographic/economic time bomb nearly set to blow up the whole rotten mess.

No economy that has become a welfare state can sustain an aging population by draining the resources of the young, particularly when there are less and less young people who can have their resources drained.

~ Michael Voris, making the case for a grim view of the future of Western society, Church, June 21

[Photo courtesy of National]

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