I was researching something last week and stumbled on an announcement by Planned Parenthood of Northeast, Mid-Penn & Bucks County in Pennsylvania that it was shuttering its Carlisle clinic. This is not an abortion mill; it is what pro-lifers call a “feeder” – a conduit to PP abortion mills. But its closure is still a boon for the health and welfare of that community. And Planned Parenthood’s political influence will be removed from the area.

Add this to the news last week that the Planned Parenthood feeder clinic in Herkimer, New York, was also closing, and my latest tally is that the U.S. is down to 722 Planned Parenthoods, from a high in 1995 of 938.

This represents a 23% drop in the number of Planned Parenthoods in 18 years.

Yet, as LifeNews.com noted, the number of abortions the Planned Parenthood abortion giant commits continues to rise every year, and PP has reported over $1 billion in profits annually since its 2006-07 reporting period.

Nevertheless, as Dr. Michael New pointed out last week, fewer clinics mean fewer abortions. Had none of those 216 PP clinics closed, there would be that much more carnage, brokenness, and pro-abortion political influence. Each PP closure weakens the corporation.

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