BillOneManBandBy all accounts – pro-life sidewalk observers and the clinic staff who talk to them – late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart works solo at his Germantown, Maryland, clinic. He has no partners, no back-up.

Carhart aborts a lot of late-term mothers. He delivers a lot of dead babies.

Late-term abortions are much more complicated and risky. Most recently, Jennifer Morbelli died February 7 following the abortion of her 33-week-old daughter Madison at Carhart’s clinic.

Yesterday, another of Carhart’s patients was taken from his clinic by ambulance. This was a late-term patient on the second day of her procedure, according to pro-lifers on the ground, who also saw Carhart get in the ambulance with her…


Pro-lifers on the street observe the number of patients going in and out of Carhart’s clinic each day he’s there, which is Sunday through Wednesday. The 2-4 day procedures can begin Sunday through Tuesday. They must just all end by Wednesday. We know how many patients Carhart is juggling on the final day of their procedure, which this year has been as many as 8.

The question is, who provides medical care to the rest of Carhart’s patients when he is otherwise detained? Such as in a delivery? Or when he has left the premises, as he did yesterday?

What if Carhart is in a delivery and another mother unexpectedly delivers? Or starts hemorrhaging? Or faints? Or any one of several scenarios?

Pro-life notes indicate Carhart completed at least four late-term abortions yesterday. Who provided medical care to the other three patients while he was at the hospital with the fourth?

The question regarding Carhart is not whether he provides safe care, the question is whether any aspect of Carhart’s abortion care is safe.

[HT: Grace, Janet, Operation Rescue]

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