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UPDATE 7/7, 7:50a: Some have complained that the “Hail, satan” in most post yesterday is only chanted once at the end by by kooky mocker.

Yet tweeters wrote it was being chanted all day. Thanks to commenter Lrning for providing a link to another video, posted by Bryan Preston at, who noted, “This incident apparently occurred earlier than the other ‘Hail Satan’ chant that was caught on tape.” Between 5:15-5:50 on this video, and you can clearly hear the eerie chant, “Hail, satan.” Incidentally, it comes midway through the compelling testimony of a post-abortive mother….


7/3, 11:27a: In the film, The Exorcist, the demons become more frenzied when their human abode is threatened, in this case by a priest.

And even though that’s just a movie, Scripture backs up this concept (Mark 5:1-20, Mark 9:14-29, etc.).

Thanks to pro-abortion Democrat state Senator Wendy Davis’s grandstanding filibuster to try to defeat a package of pro-life bills in the Texas legislature last week, and the media’s captivation with her and her cause, Austin has become an abortion battleground. And threatened demonic forces are getting bolder.

Yesterday while pro-lifers were singing, “Amazing Grace,” abortion backers began chanting “Hail, satan!” Several tweets corroborated the spectacle, and Cahnman’s Musings got video, adding, “For the record: They’ve been doing this all day, this is just the first time we caught it”…


Abortion fanatics also prayed to some semblance of satan….

It’s all so very creepy, macabre even, considering not only who they’re praying to but what they’re praying for. But it gets worse. Pro-aborts even involved children in their vulgar displays…


As pro-lifer Jennie wrote on Facebook, “Because nothing says ‘I want my 6-year-old to grow up empowered’ like giving her a sign that says ‘I’d f*** a senator’ to hold at the Capitol.”

But for me, the most disturbing scene was the pro-abortion mob that cheered Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards’ announcement at 3:00 a.m. on June 26 that they had won the first round – that torturous late-term abortions would continue in Texas unfettered.

Here are two views of the announcement and mob response. The scene reminded me of how it must have appeared when Romans cheered the death of Christians in the Coliseum



[HT for photo of children: Andy Moore; top photo via CNN; second photo via Washington Post]

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