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TX abortion backers chant “Hail, satan!” Mob cheers for late abortions

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UPDATE 7/7, 7:50a: Some have complained that the “Hail, satan” in most post yesterday is only chanted once at the end by by kooky mocker.

Yet tweeters wrote it was being chanted all day. Thanks to commenter Lrning for providing a link to another video, posted by Bryan Preston at PJMedia.com, who noted, “This incident apparently occurred earlier than the other ‘Hail Satan’ chant that was caught on tape.” Between 5:15-5:50 on this video, and you can clearly hear the eerie chant, “Hail, satan.” Incidentally, it comes midway through the compelling testimony of a post-abortive mother….

Tasmanian PM: Students “haven’t lived long” enough to protest abortion

I think that people will look at that and think that’s a step too far…. I find it really abhorrent to see the sort of campaign that’s been raised now on a really sensitive issue. I’m concerned to see young kids involved in a debate like this. There was a good point made in some […]

Britain imports “U.S. style hardcore anti-abortion protesters”

On the heels of Rachel Maddow’s attempt last night to intimidate and silence pro-lifers, I thought I’d post the following to encourage pro-lifers to stay focused and stay the course. By our protests and prayer vigils outside abortion mills, we not only stave abortion in the U.S., we set an example for the rest of […]


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