by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Wesley J. Smith reports on a life-affirming statement from the American Medical Association and the World Medical Association rejecting euthanasia and assisted suicide as incompatible with the role of the physician as healer. The groups believe these practices “would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.”
  • Suzy B seeks help in telling the world that the “house of horrors” run by the imprisoned Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia was not an outlier. Three self-proclaimed pro-choice former employees of the Planned Parenthood of Delaware in Wilmington resigned over their concerns for the health and safety of patients, testifying before a state senate committee this week. As the media will try to ignore this, Suzy B is asking readers to:

    – Share our multistate FACT SHEET on abortion industry brutality happening nationwide.– Share one of our Planned Parenthood infographics on your Facebook and Twitter pages – These bright images pack a punch of information.

    – Share our TV ad featuring Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood manager who explained that her superiors actually told her to increase the number of abortions performed at the clinic.

    – Don’t forget to follow @SBAList on Twitter and on Facebook in order to check out our coverage of tomorrow’s hearing. We will keep you posted as this situation develops.”


  • SPUC’s John Smeaton says the Nigerian people are taking a stand for life and family, despite pressures from First World leaders like Barack Obama. Catholic Archbishop Obinna “initiated a pro-life/pro-family conference and a march in his archdiocese.” This is a bold step, as the archbishop and people of Nigeria know that resisting pressures from countries like the United States could result in reduction or cessation of funding for their country.
  • A Voice for Hope says, “If a person will not even speak up to defend the life of an innocent baby in the womb, they cannot be trusted to respect or do right by any life outside the womb either.”


  • Secular Pro-Life finds medically inaccurate information posted on the website of Florida late-term abortionist Dr. Michael Benjamin (clinic pictured right), a member of the National Abortion Federation. On his website, he appears to mislabel a “hysterotomy” abortion as a “hysterectomy.” One has to wonder if this was a mere oversight or an example of Benjamin’s ignorance.
  • One Dead, One Injured has a great recap of the month of July on their Facebook page:

    [N]ew laws passed NC, TX, WI and MO, new laws coming into effect in OH, AL KS, MS, and SD. 9 sites (including a couple of PP feeder sites) either closing or ceasing abortions, 2 cities becoming abortion clinic free, an IL Supreme Court win and PP forking over 1.4 million [later shown to be 4.3 million] in TX Medicaid fraud. I’ll call that a good month.


  • At Stand True, Bryan Kemper documents the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s lock-out of pro-lifers who were attempting to deliver a letter requesting the release of Kermit Gosnell’s youngest victims for proper burial. Police informed the group – which included a priest, a lawyer and several pro-life leaders – that the public servant refused to receive their request. The video below shows security refusing pro-lifers entrance into the building. While the attorney was led to believe she would be allowed inside alone to deliver the letter, she was ultimately refused entrance:



[Photos via John Smeaton and Secular Pro-Life]

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