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  • 40 Days for Life announces yet another abortion center closing, this time in Midland, Texas which means “[t]hese latest closures bring the number of closed abortion facilities — where 40 Days for Life prayer vigils have been held — to 40!” The campaign begins on September 25. Be sure to look for a prayer vigil location near you.
  • American Life League’s Judie Brown highlights the political and moral disconnect in people’s thinking when it comes to killing children in a war and killing children via abortion:

    The act of aborting a child in America has been sanitized, politicized, and neutered of all meaning. As American Life League tweeted, “Media has no problem showing dead Syrian children, but won’t show images of aborted preborn children.”


    Exactly. And yet there is no difference in the horror of it, the sadness of it, or the cruelty that causes it. But rather than face this ugly act, America turns a blind eye….

    Frankly, whether the child resides in war-torn Syria or is a preborn individual growing in America, he is a human being who should be protected by society, defended by the government, and respected as a member of the human family.

  • At Americans United for Life, Mailee Smith gives an update on the large amount of cases being brought against Obamacare’s HHS Mandate on contraception:

    To date, there are at least 67 cases and over 200 defendants challenging the HHS Mandate. Of those cases, 37 involve for-profit businesses. There have been rulings touching on the merits in 32 of those 37 cases—and courts have ruled in favor of the private businesses 26 times. While the cases, including Armstrong, are far from over, the momentum is clearly in favor of freedom of conscience.


  • Bound4Life reposts a Live Action News story about the adoption of a supposedly “unwanted” little boy named Adam, who was born in India with severe physical defects:

    When doctors told Adam’s family that they could not just abandon their child, their response was quite frank. His family said they would kill him. His village said they would poison him. So Adam stayed in the hospital and waited for his true family. He didn’t have to wait long….

    Jessica and Raja [Paulraj] are ordinary people who followed God’s calling for them. They saw a child in need of love, of a home, of a family and they provided for him. In this act, the couple is the perfect example of a truly pro-life spirit. A spirit that holds all life as precious and worthy and beautiful.

    Everyone is wanted by someone.

  • At Kevin Burke’s Priests for Life blog, a Florida inmate named TJ says he found healing as a post-abortive father through Rachel’s Vineyard:

    … I was involved in two abortions because I lived as an irresponsible, arrogant, prideful, selfish, self-centered human being. Those abortions lead me down a road of drugs, alcohol, irresponsible sex, crime and so many other destructive things.How could abortion lead to all that? Because it produces guilt, whether the person realizes it or not, which turns to bad decisions, self-hatred, anger towards others, violence and all kinds of other messed up emotions. While these are taking place the person is in denial, refusing to recognize there is a problem. Or, if he or she does admit to a problem, they don’t know that it is rooted in an abortion that may have taken place years ago. At the time of my abortion experiences I knew none of this.

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