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UPDATE 9/8, 5a: Should’ve thought of this yesterday. Have added a poll asking the weekend question at the bottom of the post.

9/7, 9:20a: Should the United States use force in Syria to stop dictator president Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons against his own people, particularly children?

President Obama has made this more than a generalized question on war and death and brought it close to home for anti-abortion Americans by using children as his rationale. Quoting from NBC News:

“I want people to understand that gassing innocent people, delivering chemical weapons against children, is not something we do,” the president said. “It’s prohibited in active wars between countries. We certainly don’t do it against kids.”

The United States says that Assad, more than two years into a civil war, gassed 1,400 people to death, including more than 400 children, in a rebel-controlled neighborhood Aug. 21.

Actually, it is something we do. According to Guttmacher, 17% of the 1.2 million abortions committed in the U.S. every year are chemically induced via mifepristone, i.e., RU-486 (and 32% of  all first trimester abortions committed by U.S.-funded and Obama-beloved Planned Parenthood). And countless preborn lives are lost to the birth control pill and various emergency contraceptives.

It was thirteen months ago that Obama drew a “red line” with Syria on the use of chemical weapons. Comedian Jon Stewart noted one irony:

If memory serves, 100,000 Syrians have already died during the conflict with President Bashar al-Assad – already, with no military intervention from the West. So why now?… See, the ‘red line’! You can’t use chemicals to kill your own people, you have to do it organically. America and the world want to make sure Assad only uses locally-sourced free long-range ordnance.

The other irony, as noted above, is that President Obama promotes both the chemically and organically induced deaths of over one million preborn Americans every year.

But ironies aside, and back to the original question, you think America should bomb Syria to stop the dictator regime from using chemical weapons to murder innocent people, including children?


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[The tragic top photo (click to enlarge) via redejovemhits.com]

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